Product Designer, Manager and Data Scientist

A passionate Product Designer and Manager, with wealth of experience within AI having worked as a Data Scientist for 6 years. I am interested in how we create adaptable UX depending on learnt user preferences.

A World for Inspiration.

A new tool to search and refine visual inspiration for mood boards in your creative process. A new space built on image context and similarity which uses the latest deep learning tecniques.

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Interest Focused Social Network.

Creating a social media around interest groups. Rather than who you know, it's what you know.

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Rethinking Pricing for the 21st Century.

With the increase of SASS products and competitive pricing, we rethink how a B2B business can leverage tired pricing.

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Experienced in a breadth of Industries with large and
small companies


What my old colleagues say

Nick Sorros

Wellcome Trust, Data Scientist

Ruby is really good in communicating her work to non-technical people in an understandable and concise way. She used to lead the meetings with the design team as speaking on behalf of the team in our daily standup.

Robert Jirschik

Vodafone, Data Scientist

Her drive, leadership, and especially technical deep dive knowledge has been invaluable to our team. Specifically, her knowledge on advanced techniques such as generative adversarial networks is particularly impressive.

Sean T Allen

MS Research, Pony Language

From her first day, she brought energy and excitement to everything she did. One of the things that most impressed me was her natural leadership. If a group of people needed someone to step up and get things moving, Ruby was there.

Katie Rey

Decoded, Data Mentor

She is also a force for improvement from a business perspective, devising innovative ways to better processes and following these through to implementation. She has immediate impact

Sarina Bloodgood

Technical Writer, DataDog

Ruby's ability to lead teams with ease, problem solve on the fly, and boost team morale throughout the product management process is exactly what makes her a key asset to any product or engineering team.

Tim Dinsdale

OpenFin, CTO

I enjoyed working with Ruby. She has a broad range of skills, including various aspects of the agile process, UI and UX design, graphic design, and product management. Because of this she was a one stop shop when we were still building out our product team, and we were able to produce some good looking and decent things.

Tom Roberts

OpenFin, Software Engineer

Ruby's keen eye for detail was one of her strongest assets in her role as my team's product lead, and her excellent organizational skills helped make sure we were always on track for our deliverables. Her technical background also proved useful, allowing a much closer relationship between the engineering and product/design functions of the business. Ruby was a genuine pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable, hard-working, intelligent individual for any role.

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