I'm Ruby.

My Journey.

I live and work in New York and London, as a Product Manager and Designer. After spending years as a Data Scientist, particularly in small startups, I realized I was wearing many hats and evolved my skillset in both product management and design.

Love of Design. Intersection with AI.

I've loved design from an early age - always crafting and creating. However I never quite found the intersection between maths and art, until a later stage in my life. This led me to reflect on my career and I became engrossed in the Maker Movement, eventually leading to my studies at the Royal College of Art in London and Shillington School of Graphic Design.

Within RCA, I've been exploring SMART textiles, using my experience as a programmer with my love of pattern and design. In recent studies, I've been exploring how to use robotics as part of mark making.

My true passion is where design and AI intersect. This could be in how you interact with an app interface, or how you combine technology with craft.

Community Lover and Builder.

I've been part of building communities such as PyData London, with over 11k members and heading up the AI and Ethics committee at PyData London.

I've attended Recurse Center, a writes retreat for programming and the School for Poetic Computation at the intersection of art and technology. I've also dipped into Makerspace communities through Artist Residencies such as FabLab London and Machines Room.

Entrepreneurial Flare.

This has also led to my interest in ethical practices in AI and Sustainable technology, where I currently lead the efforts at DataKind in the Ethical AI committee. I previously ran and chaired PyData London, where I increased the diversity of the event and group via further outreach and other initiatives.

Some of my skills

Design Facilitation and Sprints

Facilitate design sessions including persona discover, ideation, design sprint and design reviews.

Graphic Design

Trained graphic designer in print, digital, type hierarchy, icon design and grid systems with a strong experience of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.

Product Vision

The creation and evangelizing a product vision and North Star, to both introduce and advance product direction to ensure actions are meaningful.

Python Development

Strong Python Development especially in API development and Data Science libraries such as Numpy, PIL and Flask.

Creative Coding

Experience and love of creative coding techniques including Arduino's, Raspberry Pi's and Processing.


Ability to prototype ideas through both design and code, using Figma, Sketch, HTML, JS and CSS.

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