I'm Ruby.

I’m currently a Senior Product Manager and Designer at OneSignal in New York, but am originally from London.

Currently I lead teams around core, innovation and growth, with initiatives around ease of use and taking products from 0 to 1. Previously, I worked at OpenFin as a Lead Product Manager and Designer, on a B2B browser and an app launcher.

I'm an entrepreneur with a multidisciplinary skillset. I've been part of VC/Startup programs such as Notation Moonlight, Republic VC and Entrepreneur First.

I found myself in Product after years of working as a Data Scientist and seeing the impact of data on users. Throughout my roles, I've worn multiple hats and became increasingly interested in creating delightful experiences and lovable products. I've worked in startups such as 6Tribes (now DriveTribe), Pariti, Creative AI, RunwayML, and larger firms such as BAE, TheLadders and Amnesty International.

For fun, I've built communities such as PyData London, with over 15k members; Been the Head of Ethics at DataKind UK.

Product Management

As a Product Manager, I work on forming collaborative product processes, where I bring together disciplines.

I’m particularly passionate around productivity and focus tools along with calm technology. I’m a great believer in good design

Product Design

As a Product Designer, I’m able to identify the market opportunity and define the problem, in order to build a world class solution. I use tools such as design sprints and delve in deeply with user research.

My strengths lie in being able to use my multidisciplinary background with AI to build experiences and products that break status quo.

Engineering and AI

In Data Science, I've developed AI research into production-ready recommendation systems. My strengths are in developing recommendation systems, natural language and creative AI tools.

In AI I am very passionate around how AI can be used to augment experiences and improve lives. I have also led the AI group at DataKind, to ensure we build ethical practices within AI.

My Journey

Careers are squiggly lines, rather than ladders. As an industry, we need to be honest with people about how we get to where we are today. Below is a brief summary of critical times in my career where I've had to make decisions and pivot, along with a couple of tips.

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Making Decisions
Early into your career you make key decisions, what to study and/or where to start. It's easy to often lean into the things you like, but this isn't always feasible.

I was initially torn between maths and art. I started at Central Saint Martins for art, then ended up studying a maths degree at QMUL.

I later returned to art at Royal College of Art London.
Talking too much, can lead to roles
After university, I didn't have many options (hundreds of rejected internships). So did what I know best, which is simply talking at the right place at the right time (a uni careers event). This led to a role as an Investment Banker at RBS.
Listen to Intuition early
Your first role, is not always as snug as a glove. Realize this quickly and learn to pivot.

Investment banking wasn't for me. However I had just learnt about Silicon Roundabout, the tech hub for London and my desire to build began. This led to a masters in Computer Science at Imperial College of London.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs

Combining Experiences
Having skilled up as a programmer, I began exploring my love of building by trying out my own startups at Entrepreneur First and on my own.

Realising I needed to learn more I shifted into Data Science working in mid-staged companies.
Founding Teams and Contracting
Overtime, I begun to take opportunities in founding teams in early staged startups. This was a period where I wore a multitude of hats. I was no longer just a data scientist, but a founder, designer, product manager, sales rep and more.

“Ruby has solid Python programming skills, deep understanding of Machine Learning models and a can-do attitude; no matter the difficulty of the problem.”

Aris Kyriakos Koliopoulos, Co-founder & CTO of Rated Labs

Helping others through teaching
Led full-time and short form programs to upskill and inspire tomorrow's innovators. This included career professionals looking for growth and transitioning into new roles, and also an introduction into tech for younger generations.
2018 - 2019
Returning to Art and Design
Having worked in very fluid roles, I realized I lean more into design. I’d managed design sprints, user sessions, but really wanted to now go deeper into design. As a result I applied for Shillington College of Design for a course in Graphic Design, and also attended Royal College of Arts completing a Design Masters.

This was really closing the loop on my passion for art and design.
2019 - Now
Formalizing the move into Product and Design
Throughout my startup roles I had taken on a product hat; whether it be user testing, design sprints or building prototypes. But here I began to formalize my role, by working at OpenFin as a Lead Product Manager and Product Designer, eventually moving to OneSignal.
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