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Productivity Browser

OpenFin is an Enterprise productivity tool, looking to modernize and unify internal enterprise applications. Through building a secure container, similar to Electron, here I looked at repositioning OpenFin into a series of default applications.

Search and Discovery

OneSignal is a messaging company sending 11 billion notifications daily. Here we look at how to allow users to more easily search the dashboard and discover features, using a Command-K palette.

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World of Inspiration

In recent years there has been a wealth of development within image generation and recognition. Here I consider the potential of reinventing image search for inspiration.

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6Tribes connected people based on shared interests and lifestyles, through identifying social DNA. Rather than who you know, it's what you know.

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SASS Pricing

Study looking at existing pricing models and how a mature company begins to rethink it’s pricing, as it attempts to offer products moving from B2B to B2C.

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Guided Onboarding

Introducing a new onboarding flow into OneSignal, as it positions itself as an omnichannel provider for marketers. Bringing product education to ensure reduce time to conversion.

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Low Code Editors

Developing a low-code editors to design customizable in-app messages and send emails to onboard users, nurture loyalty, and drive revenue.

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Notification Center

tool to search and refine visual inspiration for mood boards in your creative process. A new space built on image context and similarity which uses the latest deep learning techniques.