Unifying Information across the Desktop

Notifications are a way to manage the financial desktop. It allows the financial professional to consolidate notifications from internal and vendor applications in one central hub. With features like actionable tasks in alerts, organization by priority and importance, grouping by notification type or tag, ability to search through specific notifications, creating notification themes, and workspace sharing, it provides financial professionals a way to organize and personalize their notification experience.

Product Designer | OpenFin | 2020

Problem Statement

Financial desktops are crammed with information, which can be overwhelming to navigate. On these desktops every pixel counts. Banks and Capital markets optimize the desktop real estate, but want to ensure their end-users frequently being traders can find information and action it seamlessly. Financial institutions also want a large degree of ownership and have high standards for security and compliance. This means they develop and maintain a series of applications.

Use Cases


Risk and Compliance

Within banks to consider all levels of risk with technologies, product ownership, tooling alongside business specific assets such as portfolio link. They will ensure apps are secure, compliant and have minimal data-sharing.

End User

A financial desktop user who needs to get their work done both efficiently and effectively. They are overwhelmed with information and applications and need to find the information at the right time across  disparate systems/apps is a challenge.

Desktop Owner

A desktop owner manages the deployment of applications across all user desktops. They ensure pre-approval process, security and deployment of applications.


Create and build software and applications used on the financial desktop. Want to quickly get started, and provide a unified experience across their internal apps.


Notification Center

Designed to bring a unified experience to all internal and vendor based applications through an actionable single center.

Allows grouping of notifications, searching of history and personalized settings. Designed to be omnipresent to ensure it doesn't become intrusive with existing workflows.

Unified Experience

Allows users to customize their alerts from each vendor, imitating experiences found on the phone. When and how you prioritize and experience notifications is personal.

Actionable Notifications

Notifications are more than delivering information. They are about action, forming a centralized Action Center. They drive back engagement into applications and go beyond delivering information to ensure action.

Persistent Notifications

End-users get to decide which Notifications stick to their screens and which don’t. This ensures they do not miss important information, such as trading opportunities.


  • Own your notification centre across your firm; select your version, or use the latest version
  • Provide a consistent user experience throughout your internal applications
  • No hassle in setup, it’s already part of the RVM. Just send a notification to get your end-users started
  • Provide your users with Advanced Notification Settings
  • Ensuring your notifications are Secure by Default
  • Reduce your development costs by using Notifications out-of-the-box