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Ant UX Wireframes is a simple yet very useful set of wireframes that will help you rapidly build low-fidelity templates.

Brainstorming is an important part of any successful business. This template will help guide you in that process.

Brainstorming - Design System & Component Library. It helps designers save hundreds of hours of time and build amazing things in Figma.⁣

Do you have hard time to design tables? Now you can improve your workflow with Brainstorming Table Design system. It includes everything you need to design awesome tables.

A framework for getting to the heart of your customer’s world.

Coolicons is an excellent library of high-quality icons that will suit your new projects.

UI Prep's design system helps fellow designers create beautiful, user friendly, scalable designs in a fraction of the time.

31 category of components, 3700+ variants, 60 dashboard templates designed in Figma and exported to React to build web apps faster

This file contains character stickersheets and illustrations from Microsoft Inclusive Design's toolkit. They are commonly used when referencing Microsoft's Inclusive Design methodology and the diversity in human abilities and preferences.

We have crafted pitch decks, marketing materials and unforgettable stories for highly recognized companies from every industry and supported numerous startups in fundraising more than $1.41B

It's a bunch of building blocks in a style that I like. I use various pieces of this for apps, websites, and even graphics sometimes.

The largest Material Design icon pack at hand: 6,800+ free icons by Google. You can find them in the “Google” section. 28,000+ free icons by Icons8.

Those are the small, everyday events in digital products that can be a great way to enhance the overall experience for your users.⁣⁣⁣

This is a set of the Microsoft Fluent System Icons - used for products across Microsoft. The Fluent System Icons are friendly - including rounded corners, simplified shapes and come in 2 themes: Regular and Filled.

This is the kit for creating Microsoft Fluent experiences on the web. It includes a component library plus useful guidelines and examples of the components and objects in use.

A versatile and flexible kit for annotating designs.

Inspired by the Design Sprint framework, this file is adjusted to the needs of remote design teams.

Organize your projects by epics, sprints, tasks, and bugs. You can view the database different ways to see projects by status, engineer, or product manager.

I just published a file with a few auto layout resume templates, to remix, use, customize, & call your own. Sending 💛 to everyone.

A template that allows your team to perform a remote brainstorm or retrospective.

Try our free version of Untitled UI, with basic styles and components.

The ultimate icon library for Figma. A clean, consistent, and neutral icon library crafted specifically for modern UI design.

Untitled UI is the largest UI kit and design system for Figma in the world. We've made a 100% free version.

Use this template to schedule and track the status of user research.