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Business Model Canvas

By Ruby Childs

Ever wanted to test out your business idea? Or want to assess your business to see what you can be doing better? The Business Model Canvas is a way to map out the potential of a business in a structured way. It allows you to analyze, describe, visualize and assess your business model.

Product Requirements Doc

By Ruby Childs

Get started with my simple to use Product Requirements Doc aka. PRD in Notion! Enabling you to share information amongst your team and ensure you are building the best features and products.
More Resources

Specially made for design and development projects will help get everyone on the same page every step of the way.


From product owners to engineers and designers, these templates will help anyone on your team always be up-to-date and find all the necessary information.

Victor Chen

With this template you can validate your startup ideas before building your product. By bringing a user-centric approach to your business you can create products people will love.

Notion Everything

UserBooster is a Notion template that helps you build your launching strategy and get your first users and clients. It features the best tools, resources and actionable tips for many acquisition channels.


Loom uses this simple project plan template to help their team structure their thoughts and quickly build out project proposals.

Isaac N.C.

It's a bunch of building blocks in a style that I like. I use various pieces of this for apps, websites, and even graphics sometimes.


+1 Labs, the innovation lab at Match Group (Tinder, Hinge, Match, OkCupid) built this roadmap to prioritize their big bets for the year and maintain vision and focus.


The largest Material Design icon pack at hand: 6,800+ free icons by Google. You can find them in the “Google” section. 28,000+ free icons by Icons8.

Merci Grace

This product spec template will help your team quickly develop new ideas in a structured and consistent way.

Rusmir Arnautovic

Those are the small, everyday events in digital products that can be a great way to enhance the overall experience for your users.⁣⁣⁣


This is a set of the Microsoft Fluent System Icons - used for products across Microsoft. The Fluent System Icons are friendly - including rounded corners, simplified shapes and come in 2 themes: Regular and Filled.


This is the kit for creating Microsoft Fluent experiences on the web. It includes a component library plus useful guidelines and examples of the components and objects in use.

Maximilian Fleitmann

Meet the Notion Fundraising Template, the easiest & most time-saving way to raise capital for your startup successfully. The template features and easy to use Investor CRM, Pitch Deck Content Builder, Investor Update Templates, and so much more!

James Ewen

Say hello to the Notion Growth Workspace. The leading frameworks and techniques in project management, SEO, fundraising, and sales. All available in a fully customizable and dynamic Notion template. Preloaded with an investor CRM, startup tools, email templates and events.

Khoa Vu

This template is intended to manage all things OKRs.

William Nutt

Popularized by Google, the OKR methodology is a powerful way to structure your goals.


Operating System is an all-in-one template to manage projects, clients, and sales for your agency, studio, or freelance business.

Red Gregory

Track tasks with the pomodoro technique


Post-mortem meetings provide a holistic view of projects, unlike other meetings in the project management world. Doing regular post-mortems after every project builds up institutional knowledge that can be codified to structured processes and bolster team communication.

Jonathan Sabbah

An off-the-shelf workspace to easily manage OKR, epics, backlog, and sprints. Based on state-of-the-art product management methods, allowing you to replace other systems in Jira, Trello, ProductBoard, and more.


Organize documents like product specs and one-pagers with this template.


This template will help you create highly converting landing pages for your product without writing a single line of code.

Rich Peterson

Plan your product launch and ensure all the launch tasks get completed. With our product marketing launch template and 70+ task examples, your team has a tried-and-true way to keep launch details clear and cross-functional teams connected.

Robert Bye

This template helps PMs manage their weekly tasks and projects by ensuring they focus on the right things.


This is a sanitized version of the project management template the team at The Futur uses to prelaunch digital products.


A product requirement document (PRD) helps you understand how users interact with your product.


Organize all your product-related documentation in one place with this template. Keep guides and processes in easy-to-navigate sections.

William Nutt

I explore a streamlined project-management system.


If you manage multiple projects that evolve at the same time and you get lost trying to order your priorities each day, this template is for you.

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